What a difference Ælfwine makes!unsplash_5243e9ef164a5_1_cars_cleanup

AElfwine has done excellent work on my book’s index,. I was especially impressed by the degree of detail and accuracy in choosing the main keywords (I could never have done it so well myself!). AElfwine’s index opens a different way to read the book than the one I had imagined.
Dr. Chihab El Khachab, Researcher
University of Cambridge

The index has exceeded what I thought was manageable for the book. You have made sense of the contents in ways I could not have, and thus you have made the book accessible to specialist and non-specialist alike.
Simon O’Meara, Lecturer
SOAS University of London

Ælfwine’s experience, reliability, and maturity are reflected in her work. Her proofreading and her indexing are thorough and accurate. She always meets or beats deadlines. And she’s a pleasure to work with. We’ve been fortunate to have her services.
Jody Baboukis, Former managing editor
The American University in Cairo Press

AElfwine provided remarkable work in record time. Her skills in the field of Islamic Studies were an additional asset in editing my paper. I highly recommend AElfwine for her skills and professionalism.
Nadjet ZOUGGAR, Associate Professor
Aix Marseille University (France)

She has a really good understanding/feeling/intuition. … Indexing is definitely her calling.
R. Medford, Indexer

AElfwine Mischler has done an excellent job in editing some of my research papers. She is very conscientious and meticulous in her work. She spares no effort in helping me to produce a final acceptable and well-written work.
Dr. N. Z., American University in Cairo

I have dealt with Aelfwine Mischler for quite a long time. During my work at IslamOnline.net, she used to edit materials for Discover Islam section and she showed excellent performance in terms of having a very critical eyes on the materials submitted to her for editing. She was very critical when it comes to grammar, vocabulary choice, sentence structure, and style and consistency issues.

On a freelance basis, I dealt with Aelfwine Mischler once and she was quite critical of the translation submitted to her for editing. She did her best to produce reproduce the text as it was written in English. The client was very satisfied with the final production which Aelfwine improved.
Dr. Mohsen Haredy
PhD, Leiden University
Editor-in-Chief, E-Da`wah Committee, Kuwait